Saturday, August 14, 2004

A New Linkshell

After searching Lakshmi for a decent role playing LS, I think I might have found one. I partied with Ayvaen, a Hume PLD (he was something else at the time), and noticed his LS CantaPerMe. Then one day while trolling around forums, I came across a post from someone in CantaPerMe that led to a link to their website. Long story short, I gathered up the courage to send a /tell to him (I just hate asking questions to people 30+ levels higher then myself) and asked if I could have a pearl. He obliged and an LS member came out to where I was, and hand delivered it. Although I must get used to the "ooc:" before I talk, I'm sure I'll get used to it. Haven't seen much roleplaying, just some sporadic conversations with "ooc:" before everything. I haven't fully introduced myself either, which I should probably do.

Here's their website.

I can't understand why the Gamma on all these screenies are so dark. Anyways, ditiched the Pope hat (finally) and Silent was nice enough to buy and run a tunic out to me while in Qufim. This guy had dedication too, as he died twice trying to get to me! Thanks Silent! Thankfully I reached 23 with only dying twice. Once by some retarded bats that aggroed in the tower and once by a Black Tiger that crit our tank twice in a row, thus working it's way through the ranks. I was the last to go.

But we zoned and Gawayne here took care of it for us. The drop was shitty, some socks of some sort.

Found this great party that I was with for about 8 hours straight. We did everything from Clips and Giants outside Delkfutt, to Black Tigers of Batallia. But this, this here scary looking mofo is the NM Epistle. We tried to kill him. That's me whiffin, as usual. The fight was pretty short, as our collective ass were handed to us in a pretty looking package with red ribbons. Ribbons of blood.

Made it back with the obvious help of Sneak and Invis. Didn't get a party the whole time. :\ Thinking about selling all my armor for my BRD and just sub my RDM until I'm like freakin 60. Just a thought.

Friday, August 13, 2004

I just don't give a.....

I know, for Altana's sake, I KNOW BRDs dont sub well at all. But I think it's a cheap shot at replayability for me to have to level another freakin job, and spend another 20+ hours hating the Dunes. I mean don't get me wrong, my WHM is only 10 levels behind my BRD so I could sub that with my RDM, but you know what? I don't care. Of course in taking such a stance no one in there right mind ("hardcore" players) would ever invite me. Which sucks. I still havent got into a party yet as a RDM/BRD.

Sure my songs would have the duration. Sure as a BRD/RDM most of my Threnody ----> Debuffs won't stick at all. Sure it sucks.

Minuet Minne Paeon Threnody Etude Ballad

Don't know? You should! Support your local Vana'diel musicians!

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The State of JURR

Honestly I can't say that I'm one hundred percent happy with my linkshell, but JURR will always be my virtual vana'diel cell phone. It's not that I don't like any one in the group, in fact it's the absolute reciprocal of that. Jader, Rich, Ush, Yap, Seng, Night, Med, Silent, Obs, Ica, Joboo, Mystic, Meena, Kat, Slay, Don, Res (where ever he is), all of em great people and cool players. And whining is so "unprofessional", but I'm Elvaan. Yeah. So, there. I wish we would party more. At least have a more centric group mentality. Too many times have I seen LS's out fishing together, hunting NM, crafting, going on adventures.

Here's an example.

It's not that I'm sappy for power ranger high fives, those are great, and it's not like we NEVER party, we do occasionally (By the alignment of a waxing gibbous moon on a Firesday during a double rain storm). It's not that I don't appreciate the power levels, I love em. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want more adventures with my fellow adventurers. Sure I could get a different pearl, but why? These are people that I have spent hours with virtually since day one, at Port Bastok trying to figure out a name (Bastokers?) while I stood there and /waved. (That's a whole different "how I met JURR" story) I guess what I'm eluding to is I wish my pearl wasn't such a "cell phone". Not just green text of fellow adventurers, but Skillchains and NM hunts and AF quests.

To close, something that Silent taught me.

/em throws up JURR gang sign

Of course, I log in and out sporadically to see if I can get into a party. This time it was different. As I "faded in" I watched the blue dots in my rader swarm around, followed by shouts of all sorts. A call for help was made, and being completly n00b to Garlaige I wanted to see what the big deal was. Then the lvl, I dunno, 60-70 SAM ran by me, thus drawing me to my own conclusions that maybe I should zone. I think it was a Fallen Evacutee. Damn it had spooked everyone, and promptly after zoning the accusations started to fly.

It's sad really, I've put my self between a rock and hard place. I've been really denying my RDM lately, helping pLVL here, run this quest there, die a few times exploring, all without giving myself buffer for lvl 30. Well, after a few deaths (Like the whole Delkfutt thing) I have about 40 exp into my level. Well I've camped out by the Citadel in Sauromugue Chaimpagne, unable to make the walk back (skinks, weapons, and bats oh my!), and unable to get a party for about 2 (RL) days now. I need at least SOME buffer to make the trip back to Jueno. Seriously though....... dammit

All I have to say is thank god Summerfest is done with. Rich can attest to this, the first few nights I was in awe in what was going on. The fireworks, the pretty yukattas, all of it. By the weeks end not only did I want to strangle (read: musical murder) the music's "tink-ing", but the fireworks repeated sound effects alone made actually want to get the hell out of town. But on one of the last few nights, me and rich were together (surprise, surprise) and I took that snap. Heh, actually that's us n00bing it out with our spankin new adv. jobs. I'm BRD and he's a BSM. I think we were level 7.
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Here's me and Yapo, he's a 34 BLM in this pick (I think) and I'm a Pope-y 21 BRD. Me and him though it'd be fun to do my missions for Rank 4 at 4 a.m. I forgot to take pics. Dammit. We ended up skipping the second mission and giving up on the third (Sengir 32 RDM was there too, helpin). Delkfutt's Tower sucks ass. After about and hour or so, and a few floors up, it was getting late and I was getting lazy on the Sneak. Aggroed some bats, which brought another, then they hit me, invis wore off, Gobbos saw the chance, and by the time we knew we were farked, we were farked. Sorry, Seng! Thanks Yapo. ;P

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