Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Found a great half japanese half english all billinguel party last night. We had all met up in Yhotoar (or however you spell it.) and tried our hands at a few kills. The attitude of the group swiftly changed, and suddenly we were all warped back to the Crag of Dem and instructed to go to Bastok Mines. Thankfully that !@#&$ of Choco dealer didn't rip me of all my money. Long after the confusion set in on what we were actually doing, I was told that we are going on an adventure, check out a new places (new to some of us) and get a teleport gate crystal. "Where?" You might ask, or what I might have asked, I forget. "Altepa Desert". Hmmmm. Sounds fun! It was going to be my first time there and I giggled like a little schooltaru. Mind you, the absolute hell and all around "scariness" of Korraloka Tunnel wasn't exactly as postcard as I would have liked to think of it, but I was strctly instructed to auto follow, and autofollow I remained. Never taking the time to lift my eyes, or my curiosity for that matter; just staring down at the back of the four Mithra heads I was with. One accidental death later and we were out in the blazing heat of Altepa! Of course it totally helped that one of members had switch to a 56 PLD. Those with out crystals were instructed to "follow hurry up" and so again, I kept my head down and followed orders. My fingers were sweaty, hovering above the Screenshot key, spasing out and snapping odd, random pictures. And like doing laps in a pool, ran out touched crystal, turned 180 and ran back the other way, andrenaline flowing as new mobs crossed right next to us.


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