Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Check out the pantless wonder, Elijah. Although I can't talk because I'm nowhere near better off either. Ya see Eli was trying to level his 13 MNK, and asked the LS if anyone had a low level jay oh bee to pump up. I thought it was about time to level my pitiful 7 foot lvl. 11 WHM. Since both of us were at a "spur of the moment" moment, we had to get gear. . . low level gear. I ended up spending my BRD song money (which currently I'm missing 4 songs :-\ ) to get at least a Tunic and, present company excluded, some frikkin' pants. Mustering every piece of common sense I could find, I bought it all in Jueno. Smart, huh? (Thank you Bastok, I'll be here all week) Anyways, tele'ed got in the dunes, and haphazardly collected a few xp points. So I ended up rocking my Elvaan boots, a tunic, and I think a pair of crappy gloves. Thankfully my strapped for cash-edness had served me well as most of my low level bard accessories (earrings, rings, weapon) had still not been upgraded since level 10. But getting to check out Eli's gams all day was. . . um. . .cool.


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